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TIMEX - SUGA SEAN O'MALLEY - Peoria, Arizona

TIMEX watches teams up with UFC fighter Suga Sean O'Malley for an epic commercial campaign in Peoria, Arizona. This comedic series was large collaboration with CSA Combat Sports Agency and MMA Surge Productions for a single day extravaganza featuring Sean O'Malley, Nana, and a bunch of deadly ninjas! When you're UFC fighter Sean O'Malley, you don't have time to train, which is why he hires professional ninjas to attack him at any moment! That was the storyline for a 30 second comedy bit in which Sean casually takes out a handful of Ninja's who attack him at his house during everyday leisure activities.

With the help of his Nana, played by actress Deborah Bernard, Sean is able to thwart the attacking assassins! There's something about Nana that seems to share a striking resemblance to Sean, we just can't quite put our finger on it. Ahh, I know, it's the pink hair! The production team behind the series made a rhetorical decision to play off of O'Malley's colorful persona and style, focusing on pink as depicted in the set design and wardrobe. The project was led by Executive Producers Garrett Marchesano and Ashley Marchesano, and directed by TV commercial director Brandyn Bordeaux, the same team known for a variety of Bruce Buffer ('It's Time!') commercial campaigns.

It took an army of thirty cast and crew to turn around a quick pre-production for this TIMEX commercial series. Steve from Epic House Productions did a great job accommodating the shoot as location manager, helping to ensure all set details were accounted for. Wrapping up the shoot, these comedy spots were first aired on Suga's social post, followed by the jumbotron at UFC 290. This series works well considering Sean's energetic and comedic character outside of the Octagon. We look forward to seeing the next collaboration with CSA and MMA Surge in a future commercial campaign. Special thanks to Martin Healy from CSA for orchestrating the commercial logistics and to Garrett Marchesano for producing the TIMEX Sean O'Malley Nana series. Great job to everyone involved!


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