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WARNING, this article contains huge nerdy camera gear talk! Be advised. Our leadership team at Imagine Us had way too much fun attending the CineGear Expo at Paramount Studios, Los Angeles. This three day event gave us the time to talk with industry brands, learning about the latest and greatest technology available for full scale video production.

Running a creative agency requires us to constantly be learning and adapting to the new technologies that are actively available to filmmakers. Having this knowledge is what gives us the ability to produce high quality video deliverables, leaving anything open to the imagination. Some of our favorite booths included RED, Black Magic Design, ARRI, DZO Lenses, Technocrane, Aperture, and Shotlist just to name a few! It was great to speak with so many talented artist, both on the creative and technical side of filmmaking. Since video production is such a complex craft, we prioritize researching the latest trends and options for capturing the best image quality possible.

Every video project varies across the board. Some require special dollies and tracks for movement, providing full axis rotation of the camera head on set. Other sets may require Technocranes, giving us the ability for top down shots and more dynamic shots. Beyond physical camera movement, there is virtual production which is an entirely different topic, utilizing LED screens and unreal engine to create a stunning environment for our actors. Three days goes by quick but the contacts and knowledge we gained were invaluable. Having the right team in place is imperative for bringing large scale productions to life, and thats where experience comes in. Staying up to date has given us the power to collaborate with our clients as a way of bringing their commercial campaigns and visions to life.


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