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Updated: Jul 16, 2023

We've been very excited to enter the music video space by partnering with music artist Jaylen Murray, also known as Diverse! Diverse is an upcoming bay area artist who does not adhere to any specific genre of music, but instead plays on his ability to produce amazing soundtracks amongst various styles. Having shot a handful of videos with him, we wanted to take some time to reflect back on these amazing sets where it all began.

Much of the video work was created at Sound Wave studios in Oakland California with the help of Al who was extremely accommodating to our shooting needs. Our plethora of videos with Diverse include: BBBenson, Downtime, Dynamo, High, and Fantasize. Jaylen is an artist through and through, amazing on the mic and also a pleasure to work with on set. His energy and charisma is undoubtedly one of his strongest attributes, spreading positive energy to all of those around him. The series of videos were directed and edited by Brandyn Bordeaux who has always appreciated the opportunity to collaborate with Diverse. What makes Jaylen so great is his ability to take direction and deliver powerful performances on set. With a lot of history behind these two, it'll be interesting to see what projects emerge next! Be sure to check Diverse out on Spotify and Youtube to see his latest work!


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