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Honeymoon Hideout - Jakob Owens

Owned by renowned filmmaker and entrepreneur Jakob Owens from TheBuffNerds, Honeymoon Hideout stands as a testament to impeccable taste providing remarkable sets for unforgettable experiences. Located in the heart of Los Angeles, this exclusive set embodies throwback decor, sophistication, and retro vibes. Each detail within the hideout reflects Owens' keen eye for design, with carefully curated interiors that blend elegance and comfort seamlessly for beautiful set designs.

Two of our five Dominion Lending Centres commercial spots required a certain look to create a vintage feel at its core. This video campaign was filmed in both English and French and aired in Canada. DLC is the largest mortgage company in Canada and featured legendary announcer Bruce Buffer for the series. This project was produced by Garrett Marchesano and directed by Brandyn Bordeaux. The high ceilings were necessary to pull off a few practical gags from the commercial set, including a light fixture that falls! Big thanks to our cast and crews involved for delivering in two languages!

If you're looking for a beautiful color palette or retro production design, check out Honeymoon Hideout, a well known staple in Los Angeles, CA. You can take your images even further into the past by using lens mist filters with haze, throw in an HMI light for an added sun beam. Cheers.



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