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Updated: Jul 9

Our team at Imagine Us Creative Agency enjoyed a very full day reviewing all things commercial filmmaking with Toyota director Jordan Brady. During this event we were able to network with a variety of filmmakers while taking home a plethora of useful notes, helping to sharpen the complex video craft. Jordan has been in the game for a while, and is an absolute wealth of knowledge. It was very informative, having the opportunity to speak with him from an agency side, even diving deeper into on set coverage, casting and full scale production. Let's be honest, we are nerds when it comes to this stuff, but knowledge is power which is why we continue to push our teams to the next level. Executive Producer Garrett Marchesano and commercial director Brandyn Bordeaux attended the seminar leaving with a lot of secret pearls, and also a new friend :) Jordan is a blast to work with, we are very fortunate to have had the chance to meet with him directly. He believes in a creative community and learning through collaboration. Big thanks to Jordan for his continued open line, check out his work with Toyota at

THANKS JORDAN, from our team at Imagine Us!

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