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BLUECHEW MAN! Ft. Chicklet, Maleni, Bigg Jah, Jenny Babas, Jae the Fade - Bel Air, Los Angeles

Oh boy, this was a fun one! We were very excited to collaborate with Bluechew once again on another commercial series, this time featuring a handful of special Instagram Influencers for a chaotic and robust two day commercial campaign. This series was created by Executive Producer Garrett Marchesano and directed by Brandyn Bordeaux from our partnered team at Surge Productions. Our amazing talent included Chicklet Stephanos and Maleni Cruz, a lovable and hilarious couple who know how to snag laughs while winning the hearts of their viewers. Other featured talent included Bigg Jah, Jenny Babas, and Jae the Fade for a wild and sexy pool party scene.

This two day production took place in a Bel Air mansion in Los Angeles and required a 60 person cast and crew to pull off. The core ideation was centered around Chicklet, who actively plays Bluechew Man on social media. A likable hero who is always there for you when you need to reorder your Bluechew medication. Bigg Jah, our protagonist, is asked by actor Vince Vicari how he does it? Meaning how is he so suave...insert subtle smirk here. Bigg Jah excitedly responds, "let me show you," as he summons Bluechew Man to the rescue. The main spot shows our hero's transformation into BlueChew Man as he stumbles his way to Bigg Jah with a few comedic beats along the way.

With a large production size of this scale, we were able to divide the campaign into several spots, all which featured a main talent for their own social marketing post. This was strategically done to not only create a variety of content, but also to utilize our amazing set and actors in various situations. Having successfully hit our shot list within two days, we were very excited to see it all brought to life in post production. Special thanks to Shaun Lupton from DooDad studios for helping to incorporate some VFX magic into this commercial series.

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